Tuesday, April 8, 2014

They Remembered God Their Redeemer

In Ruth 2:18-23, we see Ruth returning from her first day of gleaning. Her arms are full of barley and Naomi waiting to hear how Ruth's day went.  Ruth gives Naomi her left overs from lunch as she tells her about the field she gleaned in. Naomi is excited to learn that it belongs to Boaz, a near kinsman. 

In the Jewish laws we learn about a kinsman redeemer. This law is found in Leviticus 25 and tells us of God's way of protecting the Jewish people and their land. It was a way to keep land in the family and even pay the debts owed by a family member. Here in the Book of Ruth, Naomi tells Ruth to obey and listen to what Boaz tells her, and stay close to Boaz workers. This would keep Ruth close to Boaz and his protection.

Naomi came home to Bethlehem and told the people to call her Mara. She felt bitter that the Lord had taken her family from her. That Lord was not with her. Here in these verses Naomi realizes that God is blessing her and is watching out for her. The Lord is meeting her needs and using a close kinsman.

Jesus is called our Redeemer, he paid our sin debt on Calvary.  Jesus paid the debt that we could not pay.  He loved us so much He came to earth to die on a cross shedding His blood that knew no sin, so we could have our sins forgiven.

Naomi and Ruth are in the care of God. He loves them and has not forsaken them in their time of need. God will provide the redemption they need just has He provided for our redemption through Jesus Christ.

"And they remembered that God was there rock,
and the high God their redeemer."
Psalm 75:35

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