Friday, April 4, 2014

I Will Trust in the Covert of Thy Wings....Psalm 61:4

In Ruth 2: 8-13, we see how the Lord is honoring Ruth's vow of thy God will be my God. Ruth was led to glean in the field belonging to Boaz. In verse 8, Boaz tells Ruth not to glean in any other's field, to glean in his field only. Boaz instructs Ruth to stay by his maidens. Now, Boaz is a wealthy man, I am sure that he would not normally go out of his way encouraging the poor to glean in his fields. He not only tells Ruth to glean only in his field but, to stay by his maidens. The fields of others may have been close by and Ruth could wonder unknowingly into someone's field. Boaz wants Ruth to stay in his field, so he tells her to stay with his maidens following them into his fields gleaning where they glean.

Boaz not only wants her to have a place to glean, he also ensures her safety. In verse 9, Boaz charges or commands his men not to touch her. This is putting Ruth under his protection. Ruth was a widow and a stranger in this land. Ruth had no one to see that she would be safe from harm. Boaz is showing special attention to Ruth. Boaz also in this verse gives her permission to drink from the water that is for his workers. The water that is drawn from a well. This reminds me of  Genesis 24:18 when Rebekah offers water to the servant of Abraham, another wonderful story of love in the Old Testament. Boaz is going out of his way for the care and protection of Ruth, why? We know the answer to that in verse 11 & 12.

Ruth was not expecting such kindness from Boaz when she went to glean. She falls on her face, bows to the ground in front of Boaz. This was such a sweet humble way of showing respect and gratitude to Boaz. Ruth is humble, she was not expecting such kind treatment. The Jews were not on friendly terms with the people of Moab. She asks Boaz why?, why would he show such kindness and grace to her. I am sure that Ruth felt that she did not deserve or expect this great show of kindness to her.  Romans 5:8, tells us that," God commendeth His love towards us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Ruth was shown grace by Boaz, just as God has given us His grace thru Christ Jesus. Ruth was shown this great grace given by Jesus Christ thru Boaz's actions.

Boaz has a wonderful reply for Ruth. Boaz tells Ruth of all he has heard about her. He has heard wonderful things. Boaz tells how she has followed her Mother in Law and taken care of her. He has heard how she left her home land, her family, and her false gods. This is such a great testimony  for Ruth. I hope that when people talk about us we too, receive  such a good report. He goes on to say how she came to a land that she did not know. Boaz than states how the Lord has rewarded Ruth for her trust in the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings she is come to trust. 

Jesus in Matthew 23:37, " often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings.." Jesus would protect the people as He is protecting Ruth, however here they did not want Him. God wants to shelter us under His wings. Psalm 36:7, "How excellent is Thy loving kindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Thy wings." I wonder if Ruth fully understood the care that God would give her when she put her trust in Him. Did she know that she would be under His wing of protection and care in such a great way.  Do we remember daily that as a child of God, we are under His wing of protection. When we are under God's care we are protected. God will be there for us what ever we face, like Ruth in a new county, a new home,and a life without a loved one. God is there with His wing around us, just like He was with Ruth.

"I will trust in the covert of Thy wings." Psalm 61:4, Will you put your trust in the cover of God's wings?

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