Monday, April 7, 2014

Being Content

In Ruth 2:14-18, we find Ruth and Boaz talking in the field. We find a smitten Boaz. I believe that Boaz sees the beauty of Ruth's heart here. He knows that she is a precious jewel of the Lords. Boaz goes out of his way to make Ruth's work easy and peaceful.

In verse 14, Boaz tells Ruth to come and eat. This is not normal for a Hebrew man to talk to a woman, much less a stranger to the land. In the New Testament the woman at the well ask Jesus in John, Chapter 4, how should he ask her for drink for she was a woman of Samaria. These two stories paint a wonderful picture of love and acceptance. Boaz wants to meet Ruth's physical needs, Jesus wanted to meet the woman's spiritual needs.  Boaz will later paint the picture of Jesus as our Redeemer as he comes to redeem Ruth in the later chapters of Ruth.

Boaz offers Ruth bread and vinegar for lunch. He reaches and gives Ruth the food to eat, showing his affection for her. The Bible tells us she ate till she was sufficed and left. In verse 18 we read where she saved her left overs and gave them to Naomi. Ruth ate till she was sufficed. This statement stands out to me for many reasons. The first of course is she was not a glutton, the second she was content. Ruth had no idea where her food was coming from day to day. She had to glean for their barley. Ruth had to wonder would she glean enough for them to have plenty? Ruth could have ate more to be sure that she was full and not have to worry about supper.No,not Ruth she was content. I believe that Ruth was so trusting in the Lord that she was content and knew that He would take care of her and Naomi's needs.

"Be content with such as ye have: for He hath said I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." (Hebrews 13:5) Ruth lived this verse, she was completely trusting in God. God was with Ruth, meeting her needs through Boaz.  In verses 15-17, Boaz instructs his workers to let her glean in the area that they are gleaning in, and let some "handfuls of purpose" fall for her. Boaz wanted to make sure that Ruth had plenty to take home to meet her needs.

At the end of the day the Lord blessed her with an ephah of barley, which is about 4 to 7 gallons. God was doing exceeding abundantly above all that Ruth asked of Him. (Eph. 3:20). Are you sufficed in the Lord, are you content with the things that the Lord has blessed you with? Trust in the Lord to meet your needs. He will be there for you, He promises never to leave us or forsake us.

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