Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why do Little Dogs, chase the Big Dogs?

Today, we had to take the dogs, (Cody & Gracie) to get their shots and dog tags. We were in luck that the rain had stopped. It always makes me wonder, why is that the little dogs bark and chase after the bigger dogs. Gracie who is a medium size dog and a sweetie wanted to run away, while my Hubby's little dog barked and wanted to chase after the larger dogs.

Is this true of people, too? Do we like the little dogs bark and carry on to say, "Hey, I am just as tall or smart as you!" and are we like the bigger dogs, wanting to run away from the people that are always barking and fussing at us?

Oh, well...It just seems that the more I deal with the dogs, I am glad that my pet is a hamster. My hubby and son can keep their dogs. Which by the way, my hamster when she is in her ball chases the little dog. What is up with that??

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