Saturday, January 17, 2009

saturday night in a waiting room

ok, I really have no clue about this blog stuff. However, I have nothing else to do while I wait in the icu waiting room. I have meet some interesting people. Negitive Nelly, who has had only negitive thoughts about the people and state of the waiting room. I guess if you have been worried and staying on couch at night for ofer 2 weeks you are entitled to be grumpy. Than there is Mrs. Lonely, who's hubby has been in the icu since Christimas. She has no one to to talk to and just needs a friend. I look at the faces and I wonder where do I fit.

I am just the neice who came to see her uncle, and stay with her mom, who is an adult, yet feels like a child. I have no words of wisdom as I wait for my mom to vist and sit with me till it is time for the next visit. I wish that I could encourge Nelly to see the bright side, and see that soon her hubby will be in a regular room, I listen to what Mrs. Lonely had to say, but I felt like I had no words for her either,

It is times like this I feel that I am just a person passing time. Like one of thode people that are in the Twlight Zone and everything is not as it seems.

Where do I learn to help and reach out to those that need a friend a strnager in hteir time of need. Do I frist have to go through what they are going through or does it just come by watching those around us, seeing the world through their eyes, or even walking in their shoes?

I guess when Jesus told us to love our neighbors, He was talking about the neighbors we talk with, grill out with and have neighbor watch with. OR maybe, just maybe He ment this the neighbors that we pass everyday, yet never notice till we stop to set in an waiting room?

If that is the case, I do have words that I can offer, I can offer His hope and love. Pray with them. Maybe with God's help. I won't feel like that child but the adult that has the wisdom given by God to do His will.